Global perspective with local roots

Our aim is to train leaders who can function effectively in global environments, but strongly committed to local and regional development.

Categorized "A" (Excellent) by CONEAU

First MBA program in achieving the highest recognition in the Argentine university system to be categorized as "A" (Excellent) by the National Commission for University Evaluation and Accreditation (CONEAU) Resolution No. 655/09.

Prestigious institution

This categorization Peak National level reflects the strong academic development achieved by the EGF-UNICEN in the area of administration, which is based on three pillars:

  • Excellence in vocational training,
  • The quality and relevance of scientific research, and
  • Activities link with the productive environment.

Evidence-Based Management

The issuance of the MBA is characterized by combining theoretical knowledge with a strong emphasis on practical applications. The approach of "evidence-based management" is adopted to make management decisions to support the best available empirical evidence.


Fundamentals in Business Administration

8 compulsory subjects that provide the concepts, applications and basic tools in order to tackle current dilemmas in the field of Business Administration:

  • Instruments for the Macroeconomic interpretation.
  • Strategy and Policy Business.
  • Management technologies.
  • Business Development and Management Work.
  • Advanced Business Law.
  • Finance and Financial Markets.
  • Strategic Marketing.
  • Logistics and Productive Organization.

Orientation Seminars

3 seminars, chosen by the student within the guidelines of the MBA, either functional or sectoral in nature:

  • General Direction
  • Finances
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Health
  • Agrobusiness

Elective Seminars

6 elective seminars on a general list approved by the Academic Committee, which includes seminars corresponding to other Orientations and / or seminars of general interest not exclusively associated with an Orientation.

Program Features

Flexible MBA curriculum

The MBA program offers a flexible curriculum that allows you to adjust the contents of the program according to the evolution of knowledge in the discipline and the interests of the students.

Evidence-Based Management

The issuance of the MBA is characterized by combining theoretical knowledge with a strong emphasis on practical applications. The approach of "evidence-based management" is adopted for the management decision support in the best available empirical evidence.

Interdisciplinary approach in solving problems

The policy of accepting professionals from various disciplines who have relevant work experience in organizational settings, enriches knowledge sharing and promotes interdisciplinary approaches to solving problems inherent in managing.

Estudiantes de Económicas beneficiarios de Becas ISIC - Banco Galicia

El pasado viernes 20 de octubre se realizó en la Facultad de Cs. Económicas, las entrevistas correspondientes a la convocatoria de Becas "ISIC - Banco Galicia. Estudiantes de Grado 2017-2018", de la cual resultaron beneficiarios Célica Bianchi, Emilio Allende y Camila Aldazabal con la oportunidad de realizar un intercambio en las afueras de Paris en la Université Paris Est-Creteil. 

Estudiante Pasante de Económicas con experiencia internacional

Matias Melo fue un estudiante pasante durante 18 meses en la empresa Elebar de la ciudad de Tandil. Luego realizó una experiencia internacional, la cual aún sigue transitando.

Durante el año 2016 estuvo viajando por 6 meses desde Tucumán hasta Quito, teniendo su primera experiencia de viaje internacional. Luego volvió a Pinamar - Argentina, para trabajar en la temporada y así poder ahorrar para su próximo viaje que tuvo como primer destino las Cataratas del Iguazú.

Beneficiarios Becas Santander Universidades. Estudiantes de grado 2017-2018

En el marco de la Convocatoria “Becas Iberoamérica. Santander Universidades. Estudiantes de grado 2017-2018" fueron seleccionados como beneficiarios dos destacados estudiantes de Económicas. ¡¡Felicitamos a Manuela Nardin y Maximiliano López Salgado beneficiarios de la Beca Iberoamericana Santander Universidades 2017-2018!!