Scholarships Santander Universities - Undergraduate Students

The Call "Latin American Scholarships. Santander Universities. Undergraduate students "is aimed at undergraduate students of the participating academic units giving them the possibility to continue their studies for six months in different universities in Latin America, thus contributing to the development and consolidation of the Ibero-American knowledge space. On having been distributed every year between the different Academic Units, The Faculty of Economic Sciences is a participant of these summons year of for way.

Every Academic Unit receives the postulations and realizes the selection of a holder and the substitute one. Students who want to apply at the time the call opens, must be regular students of an academic unit of UNICEN, with a minimum of 50% of the approved subjects, having an average equal to or greater than the average of the career in course, and have to attend at least one semester when returning.

Fulbright Commission

The Fulbright Program is a program of educational grants - Fulbright Partnerships and Fulbright Scholarships - sponsored by the Office of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the United States Department of State, governments of other countries and the private sector.

It is a competitive program of study aids for exchange of senior US and program countries that can research, study or teach in the countries of the program or in the United States. It is considered one of the most prestigious programs in the world and operates in 144 countries. More Fulbright students have won the Nobel Prize (including two Nobel Prizes in 2002) than any other academic program.

The scholarship offers for undergraduate students are: Council of the Judiciary of the City of Buenos Aires "Friends of Fulbright", undergraduate courses at universities in the United States and Seminar for University Students in the United States.

The offers of scholarships for postgraduate students: Master and Doctorate Scholarship, Council of the Magistracy of the City of Buenos Aires, Ministry of Education and Sports for Master and Doctorates and BEC.AR - Masters in the United States.

For more information about the scholarships and opening calls, access the official

Estudiantes de Económicas beneficiarios de Becas ISIC - Banco Galicia

El pasado viernes 20 de octubre se realizó en la Facultad de Cs. Económicas, las entrevistas correspondientes a la convocatoria de Becas "ISIC - Banco Galicia. Estudiantes de Grado 2017-2018", de la cual resultaron beneficiarios Célica Bianchi, Emilio Allende y Camila Aldazabal con la oportunidad de realizar un intercambio en las afueras de Paris en la Université Paris Est-Creteil. 

Estudiante Pasante de Económicas con experiencia internacional

Matias Melo fue un estudiante pasante durante 18 meses en la empresa Elebar de la ciudad de Tandil. Luego realizó una experiencia internacional, la cual aún sigue transitando.

Durante el año 2016 estuvo viajando por 6 meses desde Tucumán hasta Quito, teniendo su primera experiencia de viaje internacional. Luego volvió a Pinamar - Argentina, para trabajar en la temporada y así poder ahorrar para su próximo viaje que tuvo como primer destino las Cataratas del Iguazú.

Beneficiarios Becas Santander Universidades. Estudiantes de grado 2017-2018

En el marco de la Convocatoria “Becas Iberoamérica. Santander Universidades. Estudiantes de grado 2017-2018" fueron seleccionados como beneficiarios dos destacados estudiantes de Económicas. ¡¡Felicitamos a Manuela Nardin y Maximiliano López Salgado beneficiarios de la Beca Iberoamericana Santander Universidades 2017-2018!!